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  • First of all, login to the hosting control panel where your hosting resides.
  • If your hosting resides on Linux systems:
    • Click DOMAINS and select your domain name (click on your domain name)
    • Then click on the MAIL tab, and click CREATE MAIL ACCOUNT.
    • Write a username where it says Mail account, such as  ahmet.kalfaoglu
    • Make up a complicated password, and write it twice in the New and Old Password boxes.
    • Click NEXT
    • Ensure that "Switch on Spamassassin spam filtering" and "delete spam mail when it comes to mailbox" are selected.
    • Click FINISH.
  • If your hosting resides on Windows servers:
    • Click the MAIL icon, or hover over it,
    • Click ACCOUNTS which will appear next to it,
    • Write an email address in the box,
    • Select which domain this email address belongs to,
    • Make up a difficult password and type it twice in the boxes provided,
    • Click SAVE

WARNING: Neither hosting system accepts easy passwords. For linux, it needs to be at least "medium" difficulty,
for Windows, it just rejects your attempts to create an email account if the password is not complicated enough.

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