I am no longer receiving any emails.. Why?

If you stopped receiving new emails even though you haven't changed any settings OR if someone trying to email you and gets the following message:

Your message to <your email address> was automatically rejected:
Quota exceeded (mailbox for user is full)

This means that you have too many e-mails accumulated on the server, so your e-mail box is overfilled and you have exceeded your quota.

1) If you are using an email program (like outlook, thunderbird, etc):

  • First go to the settings of your mail account and look. Is the account defined as IMAP or POP3?
    • If it is IMAP: Your mails are always on the server, you enter from there and check.
    • If POP3: Mails is stored on YOUR computer. There is no need for them to stay on the server.
  • If POP3: Go to Email Settings and find "Leave a copy of message on server" setting. This should be DISABLED. So it should not be selected.
  • If it is IMAP: Since your mails need to stay on the server, you have 2 options: 1) Free up space.. Empty the trash and delete the unwanted emails.  2) Increase your quota. Your quota is related to your chosen hosting package. You can increase the size of your hosting package to increase it. For example, if you bought the L500 package, we can always increase it to L1000 or larger packages.

2) If you are not using an e-mail program, but using webmail to access your mail, please  refer to the above in the IMAP section. The same applies to you.


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