People can't send me emails - they keep getting an error!

(If you tried to send an e-mail to someone who received service from Kalfaoglu, but it did not go and you received the error "See", read part 2 of this text)

If you have acquaintances who inform you that you do not receive mail, but normally you can receive mail from others (that is, if your hosting and domain name are still expired, that is, your domain name or hosting has not been suspended due to unpaid invoices, etc.), the reason is that the service provider that provides mail service to that person or organization. It could be because he's not doing his job.

A common trick used by spammers (advertisers) is to pretend that their mail was sent from "" and actually send the mail from an address like "". So, they're sending from a non-gmail-related server, so they don't get millions of "did not reach" error messages from all over the place in response - or they're harder to blacklist. Many even use "zombinet": a Windows computer with a virus. They can command these computers remotely and make them spam.

Our new Spam control system, which now gives you almost ZERO spam comfort, also checks for this type of thing, so the email address of the person sending the email and the server sending that email now have to match. If they do not match and the e-mail address of that sender is not included in our so-called "white list", an explanatory error message is returned and the e-mail is not accepted.

Unfortunately, some hosting companies do not set their DNS settings properly (see: cheap meat stew). When these settings are not correct, they cannot send e-mails to many organizations like us that make these checks. However, we would still like to help: if there are such people who cannot send you an e-mail, please let us know and we will add their e-mail address to our "white list". Once you do this, you will start receiving emails from those people. In fact, the best thing is for those people to contact their service providers and have the DNS settings of the service provider's mail servers corrected.

2. You sent an e-mail to someone hosted in Kalfaoglu, but you got a reply "You have DNS problems, see:"?

This is because: A NAME corresponding to the IP address of the server you are sending mail was not found, or the response returned was unrelated to the name of the server you sent the mail to.


You need to do both of these. Let's say your mail server is called and its IP address is

Contact your service provider and request that a REVERSE IP record be defined for the IP address of the server you are sending mail to. So => like In this way, the information that is will be recorded.
If you're getting services from hosting, contact them and ask them to make an A-Record in their DNS for In other words, let them record that the IP address of is

When they say they've done these things, give it a try. Open a command line:


type, you should get a response from as a reply, or at least the ping program should show that it knows what you have written (it should show you the IP address.. It's like this:

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data should write something like. So you wrote it as a name, the system learned that it is

Also, check REVERSE, that is, whether this name exists from the IP address:


non-authoritative answer: name =

... he should say. In this, you typed your IP address, it returned the same mail server name to you.

If you don't get errors on either of these and get response like this. Your records are correct.

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