I started getting lots of emails from the MAILER-DAEMON !

If out of the blue you get lots of "undeliverable" (ie "didn't arrive") emails, it could be for two reasons:

1) Your e-mail address was chosen by chance:

Spammers, that is, those who send advertisement e-mails that we do not like, do not want to receive error e-mails when the e-mails do not reach their destination.

Because these messages are numerous, and they don't want you to inflate their own mailboxes, or to close their mailboxes on complaints.

Instead, they replace the From: line, the sender line, with a random email address when sending mail.

This address may be your e-mail address by chance today. Most likely, after a few days, they start using another email address they found on the net as a sender.

In other words, these error messages returned to you have nothing to do with you - these emails are not sent from you, nor should they actually be returned to you.

The only thing you can do is delete these mails... If you wish, you can create a rule in your mail program (for example, automatically delete the undeliverable ones) and automatically delete them.


2) Indeed, your computer is sending mail without asking:

Sometimes, the problem may be from one of your computers: There is a small chance that one of your computers has been infected with a virus, and that computer may be sending.

Check that the antivirus program on your computer is working correctly, scan it from the internet with different antivirus scanners (there are those who can scan online, check the net) and/or install a firewall software.

Maybe your computer is sending these emails without you realizing it - you might suspect this, especially if your internet suddenly slows down, or if you're using cable internet and the light on one of the computers' switch device is blinking very often while you're not doing anything.

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