I can't send mail! I get an Error!

If you try to send mail and get an error:

  1. Check that you can download mail first. If you cannot download mail, the system will not allow you to send mail anyway.

  2. Enter your mail settings and check; Does it just say "info" or "service" as  "username"? Correct it and write ALL your email address there; info@something.com or service@blahblah.com

  3. Also check your internet connection, your internet may be interrupted.

  4. Now disable your antivirus program and try sending mail again. Your antivirus program might not be working correctly; since it checks every outgoing and incoming mai. If the problem is resolved after turning off the antivirus, delete and if desired reinstall the antivirus program.
  5. Check if you have an unpaid bill by logging into www.kalfaoglu.net; The system may have stopped your host or domain due to unpaid bills.

  6. Check your outlook settings now. Many service providers are closing their port 25 due to virus/spam issues. Maybe they just closed your port 25 recently. Enter your Outlook settings, look at the SMTP port in advanced settings. If it says 25 there, change it to 2525. So don't use 25.

"No computer in the office can send or receive mail "

If this is the case, there could be 2 reasons:

  1. Your IP address, that is, the IP address given by your service provider when you turn on your modem, may be defined in one of the international blacklists.

    1. If your IP address is not "fixed" or "static" (which is not most), turning your modem on and off will give you a different IP address, so it will solve your problem.

    2. If your IP address is static, then you need to check that no viruses or spam are sent from your computers to fix the problem. If you have a computer that is infected or sending advertisements, you must first apply to be removed from that blacklist service.

  2. Someone using your network has attempted to download or send many mails with the wrong password, as a result, our server may have temporarily blacklisted your IP address. In this case, it will be necessary to turn the modem off and on as well as find the user and correct the mail settings. Within a few hours, the server will automatically remove your IP address from the blacklist. But ensure that you fix your password in the mean time.


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